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what is your best price for 300 piece for counter top électric 2 tank basket fryer 8l*2 tank you


supplies for restaurant caterin

Englishcadaga general wholesale

Dear Sir/Madam
Foreign Trade Department of the Ministry for foreign economic relations, investment and trade of the Republic of Uzbekistan expresses its profound respect to Your Company and honored to inform You the following.
At present time, we are working on purchasing Kitchen equipment according to following specification:
1. Triple Sinks Bench WB3 (. Size: 1580*620*800+125mm – 60 pcs.
2. Insulated container 50L GDC-FM50 – 200 pcs.
3. Insulated container 50L GDC-FM60 – 80 pcs.
4. Wok Range With 2-Burner and 2-warmer 2150*1150*1250mm – 1 pcs.
Material – SUS 201
In this respect, we kindly ask You to consider the opportunity to cooperate with us and supply your production.
Please provide your commercial offer for the above-mentioned product or analogue on terms CIP-Tashkent according to “INCOTERMS - 2010”.
We thank You beforehand for your cooperation.
Head of foreign
Trade department
exec: Sanjar Khamidov
phone: +998 71 238-52-04
fax: +998 71 238-51-18
e-mail: sanjar.xamidov@mfer.uz

EnglishSanjar Khamidov

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